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10 Dirty and Divine Career Reinvention Lessons (#1)


Like many homeowners, my husband and I spend many hours in the spring getting our yard ready for the summer.  And last week as I planted, pruned and watered, I began to note some interesting connections between the laws of nature and the principles of career reinvention.

Strange as it may sound, pondering the “how, why and where” of what makes plants thrive, helped me to more clearly understand why some people’s careers blossom while others wither on the vine. Who knew gardening would prove so illuminating?

So while my husband took a well-deserved-nap (see photo above, tee-hee, don’ tell!) I jotted down my thoughts, and by the time he woke up,  I had outlined  this series of “dirty and divine” blog posts (at which point, I was the one ready for a nap). I hope you have as much fun reading them as I had writing them.

And now, without further ado, here is the first of the series:

Lesson #1: Getting Started is the Hardest Part of the Process

As any gardener knows, and as my weary husband agrees, it isn’t easy to get a garden ready for planting.  You need to design a plan, purchase the plants and then do the heavy-lifting of preparing the soil and planting the seeds.  The first few weeks of gardening are tough, but after the plants are in the ground, the work load diminishes considerably.

The same is true when people want to reinvent their careers; it’s hard to find the time to get started. That is why I always advise people to avoid undertaking a career reinvention when they have lots of other commitments competing for their attention.  The reinvention process is most effective when you are focused. Trying to squeeze it in between obligations is akin to throwing seeds on top of the soil without first digging the holes — and then being surprised when the seeds don’t germinate.

However, if you invest the time to establish a rich foundation, then the process becomes much easier, and you can work towards your goals at a more leisurely and organic pace. Wait until you’re ready to gives this process it’s due; dedication and serious mental energy are required to ensure success.

Enjoy this? Here is the rest of the series:

Lesson #2: Plant Yourself in the Right Soil

Lesson #3: If You’re a Sun Loving Plant, Find a Sun Loving Garden

Lesson #4: Don’t Wait to Reach for the Watering Can

Lesson #5: The Grass Always Looks Greener on the Other Side

Lesson #6: Say Goodbye to the Old – to Make Space for the New

Lesson #7: Take Time to Smell the Roses

Lesson #8: To Be the Best, Learn From the Best

Lesson #9:  Expect the Unexpected

Lesson #10:  To Everything There is a Season

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