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Book Review: Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies

I read a lot of career books.  So when I was asked to review Job Searching With Social Media for Dummies by Joshua Waldman, I agreed to do so, even though I figured I wouldn't learn much that I didn't already know on this hot topic.  I am happy to report that I was wrong.  Contrary to my initial assumption, I learned quite a bit, and I think you will too.  

There are several reasons why I found this book refreshingly useful:

Comprehensive: Social Media is a BIG topic.  Waldman does an outstanding job of presenting all the major social media platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google, without overwhelming the reader. While there are already many useful books that cover each of the individual social media platforms, this book covers all the big players in one well-written reference guide.

Easy-to-Understand (Without Making You Feel Like a Dummy): I read articles about this subject all the time but I still have a hard time understanding it all.  Waldman simplified it for me.  He skillfully balances the basics with more advanced tips, strategies and ideas for people ready to ramp-up their social media activities a notch.

Balanced: People who are really into social media often forget that these tools are not the "end all, be all" of the job search process. Waldman understands the importance of having a balanced job search that successfully blends the high-tech with high-touch. While the main topic of this book is social media, the author includes lots of helpful information about the other strategies needed for a successful job search outcome.

Bottom line? I highly recommend this book for both novice and seasoned job-seekers. Practical, timely and easy-to-digest, this one is a winner!


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