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The #1 Way to Find a Flexible Job in Retirement

It’s not easy to find a high-quality flexible job in retirement. But there is one strategy that beats all others. That’s why I want to share this excerpt from a recent newsletter I received from my colleague Kathryn Sollmann of the website 9livesforwomen.com that explains what works best – and why:

“The best place to start looking is close to home at smaller, growing businesses filled with ex-corporate executives tired of bureaucratic red tape. Lots of big corporations are offering flexwork, too—but it’s much more widespread at smaller companies where nimble, innovative thinking and doing reigns. Smaller companies don’t always have the resources to hire traditional full-time employees (who require health benefits), and they need your help.”

So how best to find these elusive opportunities?

Kathryn continues:

“It’s all a matter of networking—talk to everyone you know, see which companies belong to the Chamber of Commerce in area towns, ask around about former colleagues who may have started an entrepreneurial venture nearby, check out local members of professional and alumni associations, and spend hours (and hours) mining valuable connections on LinkedIn.”

Well-said Kathryn. I couldn’t agree more!

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