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Want to Find a Legitimate Work-From-Home Job? 5 Tips From the Pros

Without a doubt, the single most popular question I am asked when I speak is, "How do I find a legitimate work-from-home job?  As anyone who has ever tried to locate work-at-home jobs online will agree, finding quality listings is trickier than you would think.  Scams abound and many of the legitimate listings are for low-level and/or low-paying positions.  

Nonetheless, there are good jobs listings out there – if you need to know how to find them. To help you do so, I asked my friends over at Ratracerebellion.com to offer their "insider" advice to my readers and they graciously agreed to do so.  (Click here to learn more about them — they are a truly remarkable resource for telecommuters).  

And so with my sincere thanks to Michael and Christine, the brains behind Ratracerebellion.com, here are five tips for finding work-from-home jobs online:

1. With a 61-to-1 scam ratio, be extremely cautious. Beware promises of high income for little work, "no experience necessary," and "testiphonyals" (bogus testimonials), which often feature pirated photos. Photos can be checked at Tineye.com.

2. Job aggregators such as Indeed.com are excellent sources of legitimate home-based jobs of all kinds. Try the "Advanced Job Search" feature, and such phrases as "work from home," "work at home," and "this is a telecommuting position."

3. Many home-based positions involve writing, so if you're good with a pen, you're in luck. Check sites such as Problogger.net and journalismjobs.com/for openings. If you're an expert in your field, try About.com (owned by the New York Times), which has an ongoing need for "Guides" and "Contributing Writers."

4. When using general search engines (as opposed to site-specific search engines, such as Indeed's), steer clear of phrases such as "work at home jobs" or "work from home," which retrieve a high ratio of scams. Use phrases such as "must have a quiet home office" or "this is a remote position." These won't eliminate scams, but will help reduce the ratio.

5. The "homeshoring" movement (home-based customer service agents) is expanding rapidly, so if that's of interest, your timing's perfect. Legitimate employers include VIPdesk.com, 1-800-FLOWERS, Arise.com, AlpineAccess.com, and many more.

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