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Want a Second-Act as a Travel Blogger?


How’d you like to combine your love of travel with earning an income during semi-retirement? I’ve got two ideas for you (and you’ll also learn about some amazing boomer travel planning resources as well).

1. Travel Blogger: If you’re interested in blogging, take a look at this list of 20 Baby Boomer Travel Bloggers recently published on TripAdvisor. UPDATED LINK: bit.ly/20-boom

While I can’t say for certain that everyone on the list is profiting off their sites, it appears that most are generating at least some income from sponsorships, consulting, books and guides.

By analyzing these sites, you’ll get a sense of the different options for monetization. And as a bonus, you’ll discover lots of inspirational second-act stories and helpful travel ideas.

If this inspires to learn more about the how-to’s of making money as a blogger, be sure to read my NextAvenue.org post, How to Make Money as a Blogger. Another super helpful read: How We Became Travel Bloggers on GypsyNesters.com. Of special note, the Gypsy Nesters recommend the Professional Travel Bloggers Association, a group that promotes the interests of travel bloggers.

2. Customized Tour Operator. Another great travel blog run by a boomer: Ortensia Blu Travel Adventures. This site is the brainchild of my friend Laney Sachs who leads one-of-a-kind tours of Italy (she also sells imported Italian goods on her sister site OrtensiaBlu.com). To give you a flavor of her offerings, here’s a partial description of an upcoming tour:

“​Join Laney Sachs, along with photographer Lisa Densmore Ballard and Veneto local Monica Busatto, for 5 memorable days and 6 nights exploring, dining and photographing in this historic and fabulously scenic part of Italy. We’ll sample the region’s best food, taste its Prosecco and local wine while touring its quaint villages, magnificent mountains and intriguing vineyards, as well as the historic city of Venice.

Unique to this trip is a rare photo workshop with Lisa, an Emmy-winning television producer and nationally renowned travel and nature photographer. Each day includes a short session to critique photos from the day before and to get photo tips for the day ahead. Lisa will also accompany us to each location to answer questions and help you shoot. Whether your goal is to publish your photos, frame them or simply show your friends and family where you have traveled, Lisa will help you take a wide range of eye-catching images of the people, places and activities we experience during this special Italian adventure.”

Grandioso, no? Not exactly your parent’s sedentary coach bus tour.

But besides being fun, I think this is a really smart business idea. According to a 2015 AARP Travel report, Baby Boomers spend an estimated $120 billion annually in leisure travel, and that an astounding 99 percent of those older Americans surveyed are planning to take a trip this year. The survey also showed that international bucket list trips are growing in popularity, as 32 percent of Baby Boomers traveling in 2016 will be heading outside the United States. Clearly the boomer travel market has strong growth potential.

Check out these resources and let me know if they spark any new travel and income ideas. And now, I’m off to go research our next travel adventure. Ciao!

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