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Want to Make Money With Your Honey?


Thinking about working with your ‘honey’ during semi-retirement? Then you might enjoy reading Let’s Make Money Honey: The Couple’s Gide to Starting a Service Business by¬†husband and wife team Barry Silverstein and Sharon Wood. It’s an entertaining and informative guide that offers how-to advice on each step of the entrepreneurial journey.

This is certainly not the only book out there for couples interested in working together, but after reading it, there are three reasons why I recommend it:

  1. As opposed to other entrepreneurial reads geared towards millennials, this book is written for baby boomers interested in starting a small service business – exactly the type of venture most people prefer in semi-retirement.
  2. It is co-authored by a couple that’s actually started and run a business together. They’ve walked the walk and talked the talk – and it shows. You’ll find lots of helpful tips on how to manage the personal and professional challenges of running a business together.
  3. The authors made a conscious decision to start a short-term business as a bridge between their full-time careers and full retirement, ultimately running their biz for seven years before selling it. So if you want advice on how to both start, and sell, a short-term but profitable business, this book is right up your alley.

Finally, the book includes some very simple and practical tools –¬†business compatibility test, skills inventory checklist, business start-up checklist, etc. – that can help you and your partner assess your compatibility and business interests.

You can get a flavor for the book from this NextAvenue.org article 5 Reasons to Start a Business With Your Spouse or you can learn more on the purchase page of Amazon.com


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