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Hire Nancy: Coaching

Are you beginning to think about how you’re going to spend your time in retirement?  

Would you like to work with a trusted partner to brainstorm ideas, come up with a plan and move forward with greater clarity  about the future?

If you’ve been thinking about ways to repurpose your skills, experiences and interests into a flexible semi-retirement career, or meaningful volunteer work, we should talk.  With over twenty years experience as a career coach, and as one of the country’s leading experts on semi-retirement, I am in a unique position to help you create a work-life plan for your next act.

I offer clients two options:

 “What’s Next?” Exploration Package

The 4-session package (first session runs 1.5 -2 hours) is ideal if you’re thinking about leaving your “big” job and would like some expert assistance with clarifying your direction and brainstorming your work/volunteer options. Together we will work as a team to:

  • Craft a vision of your ideal semi-retirement life.
  • Define the types of activities you love to do, do well and find meaningful.
  • Research real-world options that fit both your experience and lifestyle needs.
  • Explore creative ways to repurpose your skills, interest and experience into retirement “work”.
  • Begin to develop an implementation plan

The process typically takes place over a two or three – month timeframe, but we can go as fast or slow as you see fit. The package includes:

  • 4 coaching sessions (either by phone, Skype or for people in the NY/CT area in-person)
  • Assessment package
  • Nancy’s time to analyze the assessment exercises
  • Touch-base e-mails in between sessions

TOTAL INVESTMENT: $2500 (payable in full at first session)

The “Pick Nancy’s Brain” Package

This is a terrific option for people who don’t want much assistance, but would love a chance to discuss their ideas with a trusted advisor. The package includes an introductory questionnaire, a two-hour consultation and a summary e-mail report of “next steps,” along with recommended resources.

TOTAL INVESTMENT: $750 (payable in full at first session)


Who is your typical client?  My clients are successful professionals who want to continue to be engaged with meaningful work in “retirement,” while having ample time to enjoy other life priorities. While every situation is unique, my clients have gone on to pursue a wide variety of options, including consulting, freelancing, part-time work, web-based income and meaningful opportunities in the non-profit space.

What if I still need to generate a full-time or nearly full-time income? I’m probably not the best coach for your needs. My coaching really is for people approaching or in semi-retirement who have the flexibility to really explore options.

Do you work with people in person or by phone? I work with people around the country by telephone or Skype.

What days of the week do you consult? Typically, consulting sessions are scheduled on Thursdays and Fridays during normal business hours.

What are your credentials? I invite you to read my full bio here, but here are a couple of highlights:

  • Regular columnist for NextAvenue.org (PBS website for boomers) and Forbes.com
  • In private practice since 1996
  • Popular speaker about semi-retirement options.
  • And most importantly, hundreds of satisfied clients!

What if I need additional services after we complete the package? Not a problem –  I have a network of wonderful associates that I can refer you to for ongoing coaching, as well as other services. Whether you need help with building a website, creating a resume or putting together a business plan, I can offer you the names of people who can provide the assistance you need.


Sounds great! How can I set-up a time to discuss this further? Just e-mail me at njcollamer@gmail.com with a brief description of your needs and I’ll get back to you ASAP so we can chat by phone to determine if we’d be a good match.