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  • Fun Ways to Mix Work and Travel in Retirement


    I recently received a note from a new visitor to the website asking the following:

    “ I want to travel, have motorhome – will travel, and would love to get paid for it.  Any suggestions for career changes?  Keep up the great work and hope to hear from you soon.”

    Rather than respond to her directly, I thought it would be helpful to post my answer here, since so many of you would like to figure out ways to blend work and travel during semi-retirement.

    Here are a few suggestions (and no, these tips aren’t just for folks with motor homes):

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  • How to Get Paid to Travel in Retirement

    I just returned from a glorious family vacation to the Tetons and Yellowstone. It was a wonderful break in every way – incredible views, fantastic restaurants, and most importantly, a rare chance to spend a week relaxing with our adult children.

    My only complaint about vacation is that getting back to work is always so tough (and I love my job). All I want to do is sit here and stare at my trip photos. As my daughter posted on Instagram about this photo of Jenny Lake: #nofilterneeded.

    Alas, work beckons. So now back to you and how to get paid to travel…

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  • My Top 10 Second-Act Career Posts from 2013


    Here are links to some of my favorite second-act career posts from 2013. They represent the best from this blog and from my column on NextAvenue.org (which you’ll also find on Forbes.com).

    Enjoy – and do let me know which topics you’d like to see me write about during 2014. I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

    1. How to Start a Second-Act Career in a College Town: Dream of retiring to a college town? Here are some ways you might be able to generate some income when you do.
    2. Want a Second-Act Career as a Writer? 10 Resources You Can’t Afford to Miss : Lots of resources and useful sites for people interested in turning their passion for writing into profits.
    3. 5 Sites to Inspire Your Second-Act: These sites are sure to expand your world of possibilities, empower you with helpful resources and inspire you to move forward with your own reinvention journey.
    4. Love Pets? 6 Ways to Profit From Your Passion: Americans spent more than $55 billion nationwide on pet-related products and services in 2012. In this post I explain how to profit from this trend.

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  • Want a Second-Act Career as a Writer? 10 Resources You Can’t Afford to Miss

    Man's Hands Signing Document

    Hi Nancy,

    I am a technical writer who wants to continue to write into my retirement as a part time, low-stess job. I have always done a lot of personal writing for my own fulfillment and satisfaction. I actually started out writing for a free music newspaper. I have co-authored articles in the field of business process automation, a field I worked in for many years as a technical writer. Do you have any suggestions about an approach I might take to transition into a fun-filled retirement doing what I love, writing?

    Ah, a question near and dear to my heart. Fortunately, I’ve got lots of resources that you might find helpful. But before doing so, I did want to share a note of caution.

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  • Love Books? 2 Fun Second-Act Biz Ideas

    saving for college

    As a specialist in second-act careers, I’m always on the lookout for new and novel second-act career ideas. And of course, as an author, I love anything having to do with books. So when these two book-related second-act ideas recently caught my attention, I just had to share:

    1. Want to be a Bibliotherapist? MORE magazine, one of my favorite sources for second-act career ideas, recently ran a column about a bibliotherapy service offered by Noreen Tomassi, the Executive Director of the Center for Fiction in NYC called A Novel Approach.  According to MORE, “Her well-structured interview will explore your reading history and, to a lesser degree, whatever ‘problem’ you may be facing – an affair, a career challenge, a move.” The article continues, “Will the books help? The therapeutic power of narrative is as old as Aristotle and it’s up to date as AA, so I think they may.” Following your “therapy” session, Tomassi handpicks 12 books for you, basing her choices on the topics you’ve discussed. The sessions are $125 and are held via a 45-minute phone call, an e-mail exchange or, a face-to-face session.

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