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  • Thinking of a Retirement Biz? Connect with Your Industry Association

    businessman with idea and money

    If you’re thinking about starting a retirement business, or looking to grow your existing one, do check out the educational offerings, publications and conferences sponsored by your industry association. It’s a smart way to quickly get up to speed about “the business of your business” – meaning topics like how to price, package and market your services.

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  • 15 Second-Act Stories from 2015


    Now that January is here, I wanted to hit the pause button to share some of my favorite second-act stories that appeared on the web during 2015.

    Over the years, I’ve become convinced that reading boomer success stories is one of the best ways to open yourself up a world of new possibilities and ideas. Even if you plan to pursue an entirely different path or work option; there is always a lesson, resource or strategy that can be gleaned to help change your trajectory.

    I hope this collection of curated posts, and associated quotes, will inspire, empower and equip your second-act dreams in 2016. And if I missed one of your favorite second-act stories, please do let me know in the comment sections below.

    Wishing you much second-act success in 2016 – let’s get this year off to a great start!

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  • Want a Second Act in the Aging Space?


    Many people over 50 tell me they’d like a second-act career in the aging space. If you too find this an area of interest, take a look at NextAvenue.org’s just released list of 2015 Influencers in Aging.

    It’s a fascinating list (and I’d say that even if I didn’t write for the site). The 50 honorees focus on different sectors  - work and purpose, policy, caregiving, living and learning, etc. – but they all are changing how we age and think about aging.

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  • Free Help For Your Retirement Biz


    Looking for free advice and assistance with launching, growing and managing a business in retirement?

    Well, I’ve got good news for you. This summer, AARP and the Small Business Administration (SBA) are teaming up to host a series of informational workshops for Encore Entrepreneurs.

    It’s a timely move since lots of people over 50 are opting to go down this road. (And if you’re not sure if you’re cut out for entrepreneurship, take a look at this post written by my colleague Jeff Williams Working After 50: 10 Reasons Why You Want to Be Your Own Boss).

    I was so delighted to hear about this initiative that I decided to sit in on one of the workshops last week. I think you’ll be as impressed as I was by the quality and diversity of free help that is out there.

    Here is just a sampling of the resources discussed:

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  • My (New) Favorite Retirement Planning Question


    Given my profession, it should come as no surprise that my husband and I spend a lot of time discussing our plans for retirement. Poor guy just can’t escape my constant fascination with this topic! 

    So recently, while enjoying a long, leisurely drive through the countryside, we once again chatted about his second act. Over the years, I’ve asked him all the obvious questions: What do you think you might like to do? What do you see as your strongest skills?  Which of your hobbies might serve as the basis of a business?

    But his time around I asked just one simple question:

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