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  • The Not-So-Secret Key to a Happy Second Act


    Here’s a question to consider as you plan your second act: What have been your favorite jobs? And more importantly, why?

    I’m sure that factors like salary, job responsibilities and opportunities for growth all influenced your job satisfaction. But I’ll bet that if you dig really deep, you’ll discover that there was one factor that influenced your work happiness far more than any other.

    Ready to take a guess what it is?

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  • Want a Second-Act as a Travel Blogger?


    How’d you like to combine your love of travel with earning an income during semi-retirement? I’ve got two ideas for you (and you’ll also learn about some amazing boomer travel planning resources as well).

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  • Who are Your Second-Act Role Models?


    Who are your role models? Growing up, it helps to have people to look up to as we find our way forward. The same holds true as we transition into second acts later in life.

    I’ve been thinking about this issue since returning from the Encore2016 Conference, held last week in San Francisco. It was my second year in attendance, and once again, it provided a unique opportunity to connect with colleagues and hear from industry leaders about second-acts for the greater good.

    As expected, a highlight of the conference was the Purpose Prize awards ceremony, which honors people over 60 who’ve made a difference in their communities and the greater world.

    Talk about role models. This year’s winners include Laurie Ahearn, a former journalist turned fearless crusader for children with disabilities held in abusive institutions; Jamal Joseph, a former Black Panther who has created an organization where young people can escape violence, learn leadership skills and create art for social change, and Dr. Samuel Lupin, who together with his son and grandson, created a nonprofit that delivers much-needed healthcare to homebound elderly.

    But for me, the real highlight of the conference resulted from an unexpected meeting with one of my daughter’s personal heroes, Robert Egger (pictured above). Among his many accomplishments, Egger is the founder of LA Kitchen (motto: Neither Food Nor People Should Ever Go to Waste) and the recipient of this year’s Eisner prize for Intergenerational Excellence. He is also the author of Begging for Change: The Dollars and Sense of Making Nonprofits Responsive, Efficient and Rewarding For All

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  • Thinking of a Retirement Biz? Connect with Your Industry Association

    businessman with idea and money

    If you’re thinking about starting a retirement business, or looking to grow your existing one, do check out the educational offerings, publications and conferences sponsored by your industry association. It’s a smart way to quickly get up to speed about “the business of your business” – meaning topics like how to price, package and market your services.

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  • Why Do You Want to Work in Retirement?


    Why do you want to work part-time in retirement?

    I realize that might strike you as a strange question. After all, the obvious answer is: to supplement my retirement income. But beyond the paycheck, what do you hope to get out of working?

    It’s an important question to ponder. Because when you really understand what’s most important to you about working — both the financial rewards and intrinsic motivators like finding joy from helping others — it becomes far easier to zero in on satisfying options.

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