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  • 5 Podcasts to Help You Plan a Second-Act Career


    December tends to be a frenetic month for most of us. That’s why now seems a fitting time to share some of my favorite podcasts about semi-retirement. The advantage of listening to podcasts over written information is that you can learn anytime, anywhere – while cooking, wrapping gifts or walking off those excess cookie calories.

    So while you’re doing for others, give yourself a gift too. Here are five of my favorite podcasts sure to inspire and inform your second act:

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  • How Travel Can Benefit Your Second Act


    Last month, I took a trip of a lifetime to Nepal, along with eight family members that included my husband,  siblings, cousin, and their spouses – and two nieces.

    Why Nepal ? Well, thirty+ years ago, my brother David fell in love with a young woman while serving in the Peace Corps in Nepal. After a very brief courtship, they moved back to the States, married and raised a family here. Over the years, they encouraged us to join them on their visits back to Nepal. But between growing families and busy careers, the timing was never quite right.

    Fast forward to 2015. The kids are grown, my sister, brother and cousin-in-law all “retired” this past spring, and my brother called us and said, “What are we waiting for? Nobody is getting any younger. The time is now.”  

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  • Get Inspired by Encore’s 2015 Purpose Prize Winners!

    Namaste! I just returned from an amazing trip to Nepal and India, so I am just now catching up on second-act news (more on my trip in an upcoming post).

    While I was away, Encore.org announced their 2015 Purpose Prize winners – an amazing group of six people over 60 who have found unique ways to combine their passion and experience for social good. This is the 10th year that Encore has awarded the prizes (the top winner receives $100,000 and the other five receive $25,000 each).

    I strongly encourage you to learn more about this year’s winners on the Encore.org site (or by watching the video posted here).  I guarantee their stories will help inspire your own encore.  As my editor Rich Eisenberg points out in his Next Avenue post, Purpose Prize Winners: Over 60, But Far From Over, ”These four women and two men, age 61 to 77, demonstrate that it’s possible to make a difference — a big difference — after 60.”

    Congratulations to all the winners!

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  • Want a Second Act in the Aging Space?


    Many people over 50 tell me they’d like a second-act career in the aging space. If you too find this an area of interest, take a look at NextAvenue.org’s just released list of 2015 Influencers in Aging.

    It’s a fascinating list (and I’d say that even if I didn’t write for the site). The 50 honorees focus on different sectors  - work and purpose, policy, caregiving, living and learning, etc. – but they all are changing how we age and think about aging.

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  • Are you Sabotaging Your Second-Act Dreams?

    If you, or someone you care about, really wants to start a semi-retirement business, but the little voice inside your head says …

     ”I’m too old!”
    “Only young people have the energy to start a new business”
    “Nobody will appreciate my years of expertise”

    “I don’t want to learn Instagram or Pinterest or Twitter or….”

    You need to watch this video!

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