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  • The Changing Face of Retirement in 2015

    Retirement Green Road Sign and Airplane Above

    As we settle into 2015, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the studies about boomers and retirement that appeared during 2014. While I am reluctant to put too much emphasis on any one individual study  (we are talking about 78+ million people after all) the combined data offers some interesting insights into the changing nature of “retirement” in the United States.

    So what does “retirement” look like as we begin 2015? Here are five key takeaways from the studies:

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  • Fun Ways to Mix Work and Travel in Retirement


    I recently received a note from a new visitor to the website asking the following:

    “ I want to travel, have motorhome – will travel, and would love to get paid for it.  Any suggestions for career changes?  Keep up the great work and hope to hear from you soon.”

    Rather than respond to her directly, I thought it would be helpful to post my answer here, since so many of you would like to figure out ways to blend work and travel during semi-retirement.

    Here are a few suggestions (and no, these tips aren’t just for folks with motor homes):

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  • 10 Books To Help You Create a Great Semi-Retirement


    Looking for a last-minute holiday gift idea for that hard to buy older person on your list?

    Why not buy them a great book? Most people over 50 already have all the sweaters, cologne and socks they need, but a gift of inspiration and information is always welcome.

    So if you know someone who is getting ready to retire, here are my recommendations of 10 books sure to please:

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  • Should You Self-Publish Your Book?


    Whenever I speak about my book, I always get at least one question about how I got my book published. In all honesty, I find it somewhat surprising that so many people are interested in publishing a book during their semi-retirements.

    After all, writing a book is a massive undertaking that takes time, persistence and marketing savvy (not to mention a really understanding spouse and a love of coffee).

    In any case, if you’re an aspiring author, one of the decisions you’ll need to make, sooner rather than later, is whether to self-publish or pursue a traditional publishing contract.

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  • 3 Must-Know Resources to Help Launch and Grow a Semi-Retirement Biz

    Gilda Podium 1

    Photo Credit – Capitol PhotoInteractive

    Last week I had the great pleasure of watching one of my former clients, presentation skills coach Gilda Bonanno  emcee the the 13th annual Women’s Business Development Council Business Breakfast in Stamford, CT – an event that celebrated the Connecticut WBDC, which has helped to grow 4,000 businesses to date.

    It was a real thrill for me to see Gilda wow the crowd of nearly 700 business leaders and entrepreneurs (Excellent job Gilda!) but the event also served as a great reminder of the many wonderful free and nearly-free services available to help aspiring entrepreneurs. Not just in Connecticut, but throughout the country.

    Thanks to the US Small Business Administration (and your tax dollars) you can take advantage of a wide variety of online and local classes, workshops, counseling services and networking opportunities to help launch, build or grow a semi-retirement business.

    I’ve had clients use them for years and I recommend them to you as well. So if you’re ready to go from idea to income, here are three free (or nearly free) SBA-affiliated resources to consider:

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