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  • How to Find and Do Work You Love

    I opened the e-mail and gasped. The note read: “Scott Dinsmore, the founder of Live Your Legend, died earlier this week in a freak accident while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.”

    The news would have been tragic under any circumstances. But this accident occurred while Scott, age 32, and his beautiful wife Chelsea were pursuing a dream – taking a year to travel the world and visit with their Live Your Legend Local communities along the way.  Along with thousands of other online fans, I’ve been following his extraordinary adventures and living vicariously through his experiences.

    I did not know Scott personally. I never even so much as exchanged an e-mail with him.  But I was a fan. Although a generation younger than most of my colleagues, Scott was wise beyond his years. He always offered a fresh, smart and thought-provoking take on living a life that matters.  His spirt was infectious, his advice sound and his joie de vivre palpable. 

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  • 5 Career Reinvention Lessons I Learned From a Pumpkin


    I’ve often said that there is much to be learned about the career reinvention process from nature. I was reminded of this phenomena yet again this summer, courtesy of a rogue pumpkin plant growing in our backyard.

    As you can see in the photo below, the plant is a force of nature. From the time it first sprouted in July, this vine has grown like a wildfire: anchoring its roots into the ground, climbing up the deck and winding its tendrils around anything in its path. 

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  • Hope to Self-Publish in Retirement? 5 Must-Read Posts


    If you’ve been thinking about writing a book during retirement, you might want to consider self-publishing. With just a little bit of research, you’ll find that there are now several cost-effective and relatively easy-to-use services designed to help you take your ideas from concept to print.

    Of course, even with these sophisticated tools, getting your book to market is no simple undertaking. It still takes a lot of work, creativity and persistence. But if you’re up for the challenge, and eager to learn more about the self-publishing process, here are five posts I think you’ll find will make the journey easier:

    1. How to Self-Publish Your Book on Amazon (Forbes.com). Wonderful overview of the options for publishing on Amazon. This article features input from Paul Jarvis, a web designer and author of four successful self-published books.

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  • 3 Financial Realities That Could Impact Your Decision to Work in Retirement


    With retirements now lasting 30+ years, it’s increasingly important to factor health care and long-term care expenses into your financial analysis of whether or not to pursue a second-act career.

    But when making your projections, how much should you budget for these big-ticket items?

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  • How to Choose a Perfect Second-Act Career

    decisions concept

    I recently heard from a reader who wrote to tell me how much he enjoyed reading Second-Act Careers (made my day)! Thanks to the book, he had clearly identified his interests, strengths, motivations, etc., and is now into the next phase of selecting options and evaluating them for fit. He closed his note with this request:

    “I‘m curious if you have any suggestions to help ‘separate the wheat from the chaff’ when considering one’s list of options?”

    It’s a smart question. After all, lots of ideas sound great, but may not hold your interest over the long haul. Knowing that he can’t possibly be the only one wondering about this, I thought it best to share my response with all of you here.

    So with thanks to my reader, here are 5 key steps to take when evaluating options for “fit”:

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