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  • Inspiration for a Second-Act Biz

    In my never ending quest for inspirational second-act stories, I just found another wonderful resource I had to share. This incredible video collection comes courtesy of The Story Exchange, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit global video project and website empowering women to achieve economic independence through entrepreneurship.

    While the site is intended for women, and not specifically for boomers, you’ll find tons of inspiration here for your second act. Here’s just a small sampling of the videos you’ll find:

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  • Want to Make Money With Your Honey?


    Thinking about working with your ‘honey’ during semi-retirement? Then you might enjoy reading Let’s Make Money Honey: The Couple’s Gide to Starting a Service Business by husband and wife team Barry Silverstein and Sharon Wood. It’s an entertaining and informative guide that offers how-to advice on each step of the entrepreneurial journey.

    This is certainly not the only book out there for couples interested in working together, but after reading it, there are three reasons why I recommend it:

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  • Nancy Discusses Second Acts on Boomer Generation Radio


    Last week, I had an opportunity to do a half-hour radio interview with Rabbi Richard Address of JewishSacredAging.com about all things second act. A few of the hot topics we discussed:

    • When you should begin planning your second act
    • How to find meaningful volunteer work
    • Top tips for getting started

    And lots more. Listen it to the full interview by clicking here (my segment starts at about the halfway mark).

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  • Life’s Third Act

    “Perhaps the task of the third act is to finish the task of finishing ourselves. In order to know where I was going, I had to know where I’ve been.”

    So says Jane Fonda in this compelling TED talk Life’s Third Act – the years from 60 onwards. In this video, she reflects on the changing nature of aging and why you may want to review your life as a means to define your future. I hope you’ll take a look. It’s only eleven minutes, but well worth your time. Enjoy!

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  • The Not-So-Secret Key to a Happy Second Act


    Here’s a question to consider as you plan your second act: What have been your favorite jobs? And more importantly, why?

    I’m sure that factors like salary, job responsibilities and opportunities for growth all influenced your job satisfaction. But I’ll bet that if you dig really deep, you’ll discover that there was one factor that influenced your work happiness far more than any other.

    Ready to take a guess what it is?

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