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  • 5 Categories of Remote Jobs


    Looking to work from home? Flexjobs just released info about five of the top job categories which have seen growth in remote job postings in 2016, as well as specific employers that are currently or have recently hired in this category. Examples of common job titles within the category are as follows:

    Mortgage & Real Estate. Zillow, Homeward Residential and American Advisors Group have recently recruited for remote jobs in mortgage and real estate. Mortgage loan officer, underwriter and mortgage processor are some common remote job titles in this category.

    HR & Recruiting. Aon Hewitt, Xerox and IT Pros have recently recruited for remote jobs in HR & recruiting. Recruiter, human resources specialist, and human resources manager are some common remote job titles in this category.

    Accounting & Finance. Wells Fargo, Citi, and Ally Financial have recently recruited for remote jobs in accounting & finance. Accountant, bookkeeper and auditor are some common remote job titles in this category.

    Pharmaceutical. CVS Health, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Pharmaceutical Product Development have recently recruited for remote jobs in pharmaceutical. Pharmacist, clinical research associate and account manager are some common remote job titles in this category.

    Education & Training. K12, Kaplan and Connections Education have recently recruited for remote jobs in education & training. Online tutor, adjunct faculty and virtual teacher are some common remote job titles in this category.

    Click here for more information about Flexjobs and their work-from-home jobs.

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  • Want a Second-Act as a Travel Blogger?


    How’d you like to combine your love of travel with earning an income during semi-retirement? I’ve got two ideas for you (and you’ll also learn about some amazing boomer travel planning resources as well).

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  • Thinking of a Retirement Biz? Connect with Your Industry Association

    businessman with idea and money

    If you’re thinking about starting a retirement business, or looking to grow your existing one, do check out the educational offerings, publications and conferences sponsored by your industry association. It’s a smart way to quickly get up to speed about “the business of your business” – meaning topics like how to price, package and market your services.

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  • More Resources if You Want to Write in Retirement


    I often hear from readers looking for ideas and tips on how to monetize their writing. Some are interested in writing books or blogs, while others are hoping to work as freelance writers, both online and off.

    If you look through this blog you’ll find a number of posts that address this issue (there’s a handy link to those posts at the bottom of this page). But today, I wanted to share a few more great links that I recently discovered:

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  • Hope to Self-Publish in Retirement? 5 Must-Read Posts


    If you’ve been thinking about writing a book during retirement, you might want to consider self-publishing. With just a little bit of research, you’ll find that there are now several cost-effective and relatively easy-to-use services designed to help you take your ideas from concept to print.

    Of course, even with these sophisticated tools, getting your book to market is no simple undertaking. It still takes a lot of work, creativity and persistence. But if you’re up for the challenge, and eager to learn more about the self-publishing process, here are five posts I think you’ll find will make the journey easier:

    1. How to Self-Publish Your Book on Amazon (Forbes.com). Wonderful overview of the options for publishing on Amazon. This article features input from Paul Jarvis, a web designer and author of four successful self-published books.

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