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Jumpstart Your Second-Act Career

Schedule a 90-minute consult with Nancy

  • Have you recently retired from your full-time job (or will soon) and wonder what’s next 
  • Would you like to enjoy meaningful part-time work options during retirement?
  • Are you having trouble getting this next chapter started?

Yes? Let’s talk! I can help you get unstuck and moving forward.

The Jumpstart Your Second-Act Career Consult

The transition from working full-time to semi-retirement can feel both exciting and daunting. On one hand, it’s liberating to have an open calendar and lots of choices. But over time, that lack of structure (and income) can result in boredom, stress and worry.

If you want to create a meaningful second act, but find yourself struggling to get started, the Jumpstart Your Second-Act  Career Consult can helpIt’s a unique opportunity to discuss your second-act career concerns, ideas and questions with a trusted advisor — without investing in a long-term coaching arrangement.


While every session is customized, The Jumpstart Your Second-Act Career Consult can help you to:

  • Craft a vision of your ideal semi-retirement life.
  • Identify ways to repurpose your skills, interests and experiences into part-time retirement “work” options.
  • Discover helpful second-act career resources, training programs, organizations, etc.

Most importantly, you’ll walk away with a clear game plan  — and exciting possibilities for your next chapter.

What’s Included:

  1. A 90-minute consultation. The centerpiece of the Jumpstart Your Second-Act Career Consult is a  90-minute consultation with Nancy designed to address your  unique concerns, questions, challenges and opportunities. The conversation is conducted by phone or Skype (in-person option is available for people in the NY tri-state region).
  2. Personal Action Plan Report. Following the consult, you will receive a customized personal action plan from Nancy that summarizes the discussion, details next steps and highlights helpful resources.

TOTAL INVESTMENT: $450 (payable in full when scheduling the consult).


What if I’d still like additional support after we speak?

Not a problem!  If you decide you’d like continued accountability and support after finishing the jumpstart program, you can purchase my coaching time on an hourly basis. In addition, I can refer you to trusted professionals for other services, such as web designers, business coaches or resume services.

Who is your typical client? 

My clients are both new and soon-to-be retirees who are interested in mixing some paid work activities with leisure, travel, learning and other pursuits.

What qualifies you to do this?

I’ve been a career coach in private practice for over 20 years and hold a masters degree in career development. My book Second-Act Careers was published in 2013 and I regularly research and write about this topic for sites like, and (as well as here on this site). Most importantly, my conversations with clients, interview subjects and people at speaking engagements, have given me a deep appreciation for the many joys and challenges that come with this transition.

Do you work with people outside CT?

Absolutely! I work with people around the world by telephone or Skype.

Sounds great! How do I schedule an appointment?

Just send me an email at and I’ll get back to you with some available appointment slots. I look forward to hearing from you!