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Retirement Coaching

Retirement can be the ideal time to finally do what you really want. But all too often, this transition proves surprisingly challenging. And after the glow of the initial honeymoon phase wanes, you might find yourself worrying, “Is this all there is?”

But there is a better approach. By taking action, you can shift from inertia to a productive, enjoyable and meaningful next chapter.

So whether you’ve already retired – or plan to in the next few years – I’d be delighted to work with you to design a holistic and flexible retirement plan that supports you in doing what matters most.

Together, we will:

  • Explore different ways to leverage your time, talent and expertise
  • Hone your new retirement “identity”
  • Identify meaningful outlets for service, mentoring, work or volunteering
  • Discuss ways to develop new friendships and deepen your existing relationships
  • Brainstorm options for new adventures, learning and travel experiences

… And much, much more

How it Works

All clients start with the Retirement Discovery Package ($750) which includes:

  • A one-hour intake consultation.
  • Retirement Options Assessment. The online assessment gives you a picture of how prepared you are for retirement in a number of key life areas including work, health, relationships, etc. The assessment includes a written feedback report.
  • 90-minute exploration and coaching session with Nancy. The conversation is conducted by phone or Zoom.
  • A customized report of suggested next steps and resources.


Is additional support available after the Discovery Package?

Absolutely. Many clients find additional coaching valuable. Some invest in ongoing support while others prefer periodic check-ins. Everything is customizable to your unique needs.

Who is your typical client? 

My clients are successful professionals who are either nearing retirement or already retired (but have grown bored). They come from different professional and personal backgrounds, but share a common desire for a meaningful, engaging and productive retirement.

When is the best time to do this?

As with all life transitions, it’s best to plan for retirement in advance – ideally a few years before you retire. The additional time provides a buffer to try things out and prepare financially. However realistically, many people, especially executives, are simply too busy to address this before they retire. In short, the best time to do this is when you’re ready to focus and take action!

Can you work with both me and my partner?

Definitely. Couples can benefit greatly from working together on retirement planning. Each member of the couple will complete their own assessment and feedback session. Then, we will meet as a group to explore commonalities, identify differences, and come up with a joint vision plan. For couples who book their discovery packages together, the group session is included at no additional cost.

What qualifies you to do this?

  • I am a certified retirement options coach and a career coach with a masters degree in career development.
  • My book Second-Act Careers was called “one of the best books about retirement” by the Wall Street Journal.
  • I regularly research and write about retirement and purpose for sites like,, and (as well as here on this site).

Most importantly, my ongoing conversations with clients, interview subjects and people at speaking engagements, have given me a deep appreciation for the many joys, opportunities and challenges that come with this transition.

Do you work with people outside of PA?

I work with people around the world by  Zoom.

Are there any articles I can read that can give me more information about retirement coaching?

Yes, here’s a link to a helpful article about retirement coaching.

Sounds great! How do I schedule an appointment?

Just send an email to and I’ll get back to you with some available appointment slots. I look forward to hearing from you!