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  • Want a Retirement Biz? 3 Free Business Plan Templates

    time to plan

    If you’re thinking about starting a business during retirement, you’re going to need a business plan.

    Now before you roll your eyes, I want to clarify that a business plan doesn’t have to be an extensive or lengthy document. In fact, for most retirement businesses, which typically don’t require any outside funding, a one-pager is likely enough to get you started. A one-page business plan describes your business and what it will take to run it, all in a single page.

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  • Alumni Career Services: A Valuable Second-Act Resource


    Think college alumni career services are only for recent grads? Think again. Alumni career service departments support all age groups, from newly minted grads to semi-retirees.

    I was reminded of this fact recently while presenting at the Alumni Career Services Network Conference. It was a wonderful two-day event held on the beautiful campus of the University of Denver (pictured above) that featured talks on a wide variety of topics including branding, social media, networking, and yes, second-act careers.

    During my time at the conference I decided to learn more about the services colleges are offering their alumni and was impressed by what I discovered.

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  • Free Positive Psychology Virtual Conference


    What’s the single biggest factor in career and reinvention success?

    Smarts? Pedigree? Connections? Education? Hard work and sacrifice?

    All of these factors are undeniably important. But nearly two decades experience as a career coach has taught me that the single most important element behind career and reinvention success is a positive attitude.

    As Shawn Achor writes in his international bestseller, Before Happiness: The 5 Hidden Keys to Achieving Success, Spreading Happiness, and Sustaining Positive Change, “Only once we learn to see the world through a more positive lens can we summon all our motivation, emotion, and intelligence to achieve our personal and professional goals.”

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  • 100 Great Second-Act Career Resources


    100 great career sites   

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    This list of 100+ great resources is for boomers (and others) interested in fun, flexible and fulfilling second-act careers. There are lots of other “best-of” career lists out there, but as far as I know, this is the first and only one to focus on flexible, part-time and entrepreneurial options. So if you’re done with the “big” job and are eager to profit from your passions on a part-time basis, this is the list for you.

    Of course, there is no way I could include every outstanding resource, so if you feel that a worthy resource has been left off this list, please do let me know by leaving a note in the comments section below.

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  • Looking to Start (or Grow) a Biz in Retirement? Free, Fast and Easy “How-To” Training Resources


    Thinking about starting a business in retirement? If so, you’ve probably realized that you’re missing some of the “how-to” expertise you’re going to need to succeed. You know, things like how to create a blog – or how to use Twitter – or how to market your services using YouTube . Unfortunately, no matter how great you are at the core part of your business, not having those essential entrepreneurial skills could prove to be a real drag on your plans.

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