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  • Want to Research a Retirement Career?


    Knowing where to find trustworthy information about career options can be a challenge. That’s why  I wanted to share this information about a helpful new addition for your reinvention toolkit.

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  • How March Madness Can Help Your Career


    I’m generally not much of a sports nut, but since my days as a student at UNC, I’ve always loved watching college basketball. It’s a fast moving game filled with lead-changing moments: a slam-dunk or a three-point shot that seals a victory during the final seconds of play.

    During March Madness, you see lots of heart-stopping plays as teams battle their way to the Final Four. The networks (who need to fill endless hours of broadcast time) replay those spectacular plays over… and over… and over again.

    By the final weekend of the tournament the networks compile that footage into “highlight reels”  that show off the very best moments from all the different games. These video montages are admittedly sappy and slick, but I still love watching them. In a world where we spend far too more time on negativity, it’s nice to focus on the positive every once in a while.

    So what do these sports reels have to do with your career?

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  • What Matthew McConaughey Taught Me About Career Reinvention


    What choice of words do you use when asked to describe your career? If you’re like most people, you probably default to your job title:

    I am an IT professional.

    I am a doctor.

    I am a project manager.

    That makes sense. Job titles give us a neat and clean way to package ourselves at cocktail parties and networking events. But when it comes to career reinvention, job titles are problematic. They box us in, constrain our thinking and prevent us from acknowledging the full range of our unique gifts and talents.

    And that brings me back to Matthew McConaughey…

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  • Retirement: When is the “Right” Time?

    Cover - the Up Side of Down

    One of the most common questions I get asked about second-act careers is, “How do I know when is the right time to retire from my big job in order to pursue something new?”

    In truth, there is no one formula for determining the optimal retirement date. In the “old” days, people worked until they were 65 (give or take a few years), had a retirement party, and then moved on. But in today’s job market, few people have a pre-defined retirement date – some retire at age 50 while others work until age 70 or later.

    Deciding when to quit, and how best to move on, is a complex decision. That’s why I wanted to share this NPR interview with Alan Bernstein, co-author of Mastering the Art of Quitting: Why It Matters in Love, Life, and Work. It’s a fascinating discussion about how to best figure out your options when you’re trying to decide if you should go or if you should stay.

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  • Tips for Finding Part-Time Work (With Benefits!)


    Most of what I write about here on MyLifestyleCareer.com is for people who are ready to move past working “for the man” in favor of creating their own income. That said, I realize that some of you would like nothing more than to find a part-time job  - with benefits if possible.

    So to help you do just that, here are 8 helpful articles/ resources I pulled together on this topic: 

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