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  • Why Do You Want to Work in Retirement?


    Why do you want to work part-time in retirement?

    I realize that might strike you as a strange question. After all, the obvious answer is: to supplement my retirement income. But beyond the paycheck, what do you hope to get out of working?

    It’s an important question to ponder. Because when you really understand what’s most important to you about working — both the financial rewards and intrinsic motivators like finding joy from helping others — it becomes far easier to zero in on satisfying options.

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  • 15 Second-Act Stories from 2015


    Now that January is here, I wanted to hit the pause button to share some of my favorite second-act stories that appeared on the web during 2015.

    Over the years, I’ve become convinced that reading boomer success stories is one of the best ways to open yourself up a world of new possibilities and ideas. Even if you plan to pursue an entirely different path or work option; there is always a lesson, resource or strategy that can be gleaned to help change your trajectory.

    I hope this collection of curated posts, and associated quotes, will inspire, empower and equip your second-act dreams in 2016. And if I missed one of your favorite second-act stories, please do let me know in the comment sections below.

    Wishing you much second-act success in 2016 – let’s get this year off to a great start!

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  • How Travel Can Benefit Your Second Act


    Last month, I took a trip of a lifetime to Nepal, along with eight family members that included my husband,  siblings, cousin, and their spouses – and two nieces.

    Why Nepal ? Well, thirty+ years ago, my brother David fell in love with a young woman while serving in the Peace Corps in Nepal. After a very brief courtship, they moved back to the States, married and raised a family here. Over the years, they encouraged us to join them on their visits back to Nepal. But between growing families and busy careers, the timing was never quite right.

    Fast forward to 2015. The kids are grown, my sister, brother and cousin-in-law all “retired” this past spring, and my brother called us and said, “What are we waiting for? Nobody is getting any younger. The time is now.”  

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  • Want a Second Act in the Aging Space?


    Many people over 50 tell me they’d like a second-act career in the aging space. If you too find this an area of interest, take a look at NextAvenue.org’s just released list of 2015 Influencers in Aging.

    It’s a fascinating list (and I’d say that even if I didn’t write for the site). The 50 honorees focus on different sectors  - work and purpose, policy, caregiving, living and learning, etc. – but they all are changing how we age and think about aging.

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  • Are you Sabotaging Your Second-Act Dreams?

    If you, or someone you care about, really wants to start a semi-retirement business, but the little voice inside your head says …

     ”I’m too old!”
    “Only young people have the energy to start a new business”
    “Nobody will appreciate my years of expertise”

    “I don’t want to learn Instagram or Pinterest or Twitter or….”

    You need to watch this video!

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