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  • Is Your Retirement Passion Hiding Under a Rock?


    What activities make you lose track of time?

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this question since returning from a visit with old college friends. I’ll explain why I think it’s an important question in just a moment, but first a bit of background.

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  • A Personal Note About “Retirement”

    Jarmul kids 2

    This is a photo of me, my sister Ruth and brother David, taken by our dad sometime back in the mid-1960′s as part of our annual family photo shoot series. A pain at the time (Do we have to do this again???)  but a priceless treasure now.

    As I look at our fresh young faces, it’s hard for me to believe that within the next few weeks, both of my siblings will be retiring  - while I continue to write about retirement.

    Holy moly, where did the time go?

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  • Cancer and Careers: A Resource to Help


    I recently presented a webinar for Georgetown’s alumni career services department (welcome to the site to all who attended!) and afterwards I received a lovely thank you note from one of the attendees.

    While I appreciated the thanks, what really caught my attention was this sentence, “I am on a medical leave from work due to cancer, and I am looking to transition into something that will give me the flexibility to go to my medical appointments while I recover.”

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  • How to Create a Truly Meaningful Second Act


    Before getting into today’s post, I wanted to share some exciting personal news. Yesterday, my nephew and his wife  welcomed healthy identical twin girls into our extended family.

    Now of course, the birth of a baby is always cause for celebration. But given the obvious (that it’s two!) and because of the high-risk nature of this particular pregnancy (both babies shared one amniotic sac which necessitated a 45-day hospital stay) we are doubly elated.

    I’m happy to report that despite their early arrival, both girls are thriving and already have us wrapped around their teensy-weensy fingers.

    And so, in honor of the arrival of our newest family members, it seems an appropriate moment to write on the topic of how to infuse meaning into a second act. As we grow older, many of us hope to use our second acts to leave the world a better place for future generations.

    But how to best do that? How can you use your hard-earned professional expertise in a way that really matters?

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  • How to Overcome the Fear of Career Change

    What is the single biggest obstacle people face when changing careers?

    I get asked that question almost every time I’m interviewed about career change and my answer is always the same.

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