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  • Cancer and Careers: A Resource to Help


    I recently presented a webinar for Georgetown’s alumni career services department (welcome to the site to all who attended!) and afterwards I received a lovely thank you note from one of the attendees.

    While I appreciated the thanks, what really caught my attention was this sentence, “I am on a medical leave from work due to cancer, and I am looking to transition into something that will give me the flexibility to go to my medical appointments while I recover.”

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  • Want a Second-Act as a Food Tour Pro?


    Walking and eating are two of my favorite pastimes. And knowing that I’m not the only one who feels that way, I thought in today’s post it would be fun to share a second-act idea that combines those two passions – food tour guide.

    In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a food tour guide leads groups of people around a city to educate them about the local food, history and culture. Sometimes the tours focus on one specific type of food, like cheese or chocolate, and other times they focus more on the locale.

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  • How to Create a Truly Meaningful Second Act


    Before getting into today’s post, I wanted to share some exciting personal news. Yesterday, my nephew and his wife  welcomed healthy identical twin girls into our extended family.

    Now of course, the birth of a baby is always cause for celebration. But given the obvious (that it’s two!) and because of the high-risk nature of this particular pregnancy (both babies shared one amniotic sac which necessitated a 45-day hospital stay) we are doubly elated.

    I’m happy to report that despite their early arrival, both girls are thriving and already have us wrapped around their teensy-weensy fingers.

    And so, in honor of the arrival of our newest family members, it seems an appropriate moment to write on the topic of how to infuse meaning into a second act. As we grow older, many of us hope to use our second acts to leave the world a better place for future generations.

    But how to best do that? How can you use your hard-earned professional expertise in a way that really matters?

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  • How to Overcome the Fear of Career Change

    What is the single biggest obstacle people face when changing careers?

    I get asked that question almost every time I’m interviewed about career change and my answer is always the same.

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  • Too Old to Be What You Once Dreamed? Never say Never!


    Think you’re too old to realize your childhood dreams? Think again.

    Let me share a story I recently saw on the TODAY show. It’s about Barbara Beskind, an employee with IDEO, a well respected design firm based in Silicon Valley. In a company and industry dominated by thirty-somethings, Barbara Beskind most definitely stands out.


    Barbara is 91 years young. She began working at IDEO two years ago – when she was already 89, an age at which most are slowing down, not gearing up.

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