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  • Our New Online Course: Design Your Second Act


    I am beyond thrilled to announce the release of Design Your Second Act, an online course and toolkit for professionals who want to work on a flexible basis after retirement. The course pulls together many of the same resources, strategies and tools I use with my private clients (but at a tiny fraction of the cost). It’s designed to be self-study, so you can work on it whenever and wherever works best for you. Learn all about it here.


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  • The #1 Way to Find a Flexible Job in Retirement

    It’s not easy to find a high-quality flexible job in retirement. But there is one strategy that beats all others. That’s why I want to share this excerpt from a recent newsletter I received from my colleague Kathryn Sollmann of the website 9livesforwomen.com that explains what works best – and why:

    “The best place to start looking is close to home at smaller, growing businesses filled with ex-corporate executives tired of bureaucratic red tape. Lots of big corporations are offering flexwork, too—but it’s much more widespread at smaller companies where nimble, innovative thinking and doing reigns. Smaller companies don’t always have the resources to hire traditional full-time employees (who require health benefits), and they need your help.”

    So how best to find these elusive opportunities?

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  • 10 Resources to Help Launch Your Second-Act Career in 2018

    Happy New Year! Before diving into the year ahead, I thought you’d find it useful to review some of my favorite second-act career posts and interviews from 2017, culled from my columns on NextAvenue.org and USNews.com. Enjoy and please share with others who might find this helpful as well. Cheers to your success in 2018!

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  • Five Books to Gift People Who Want to Work After Retirement


    With the holiday season upon us, here are a few new reads from 2017 (and one from 2016) that make great gifts for the hard-to-buy boomers on your shopping list:

    Design Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived Joyful Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans is based on the authors’ wildly popular course on how to leverage design principles to create a more satisfying life and career. Although the Burnett/Evans course is geared towards undergrads, the program is equally useful for people of all ages, and so is their book.

    Entrepreneurial You: Monetize Your Expertise, Create Multiple Income Streams, and Thrive by Dorie Clark. Whether you hope to either start your own business, consult or freelance during retirement, this book is a must-read. Definitely one of my favorite books of the year!

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  • Book Recommendation: When I Grow Up I Want to Be


    Normally, this blog focuses on semi-retirement advice. But in this post I want to talk about a terrific new book that can help you provide career guidance to the special young people in your life.

    If you’re looking for a meaningful gift for your grandchild/niece/nephew/etc., consider giving them a copy of WHEN I GROW UP, I WANT TO BE…, by Karleen Tauszik. This delightful book is the first-ever career journal designed for kids ages 6-18. It’s a wonderful way to encourage them to start thinking about their strengths and talents from an early age.

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